Rhythm and Flow

Once you establish an effective golf grip and an effective golf stance and posture, the next step in developing a reliable golf swing is awakening instinct and finding your personal rhythm. Rhythm is the soul of the golf swing and it is personal to each golfer. You must find your personal rhythm through trial and error, failure and success, exploration and discovery. It can’t be shown to you and it can’t be taught. Personal rhythm is a feel. It is a flow in the body/mind connection accessed through a deep sense of the movement involved.

You don’t learn personal rhythm from golf lessons, golf swing tips, golf instruction videos or golf swing analysis. You learn it through experience and integration of the bodily movements that allow you to produce pure impact hitting the golf ball. It is the kinesthetic feel in your hands and your body that allows you to develop rhythm to make a proper golf swing. Golf swing mechanics take a back seat to your personal rhythm. As a matter of fact, it is your personal rhythm that determines the proper golf swing mechanics and the proper golf swing technique that is right for you!

How can you develop your personal rhythm you might ask? Play, explore, and permit your body to move how it wants to move in order to hit the golf ball. Be in your body. Bring awareness to the origin of movement in your body – your “center of balance” or “center of gravity” located a few inches below the navel in the center of your torso, often referred to as your ‘core.’ Your golf swing does not originate in your arms and hands. Your arms and hands instinctively respond to the rotation of your torso, and that rotation should originate from your core. By originating the pivot in your golf swing from your core you can develop an effortless and instinctive golf swing, a swing free of thoughts of golf swing mechanics or “trying to do it the right way.”

As discussed in the Instinctive Golf Blog, “Trying vs. Allowing”, trying tends to interfere in the body/mind flow and can stunt a proper golf swing. You will learn how to swing a golf club and truly learn how to golf when you discover and learn to trust your personal rhythm. This is when you will discover “Flow”, which is often characterized as “being in the zone.” Flow is present moment awareness or present movement awareness! – attending to each present moment as it streams, unobstructed, into the next without feeling a need to try or accomplish or do it the right way. It is an uninhibited sense of movement generated by intention free of interference by the mind.

Awaken Your Inner Golfer facilitates discovery of your personal rhythm through instinct-awakening golf exercises with variations in golf grip, golf swing, and the use of subtle senses and imagination. The golf exercises help quiet the mind and engage the body. When you practice the exercises with a mindset to play, have fun, explore and self-discover, you will experience present moment awareness and flow.

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.
Albert Einstein

The nature of the golf exercises stimulates your innate adaptive ability and awakens your instinctive kinesthetic intelligence. Intention is the “fuel” to ignite the “engine” of your instinctive neural/muscular system to discover the golf swing that is right for you. Research shows that learning through self-discovery has a greater permanence in the body/mind than trying to learn by instruction.

What we learn to do, we learn by doing.

Once you establish an effective golf grip, golf stance and posture, the golf exercises will help you learn to trust your instinctive kinesthetic intelligence, discover your personal rhythm, awaken your inner golfer, find your flow……and discover your instinctive golf swing that you can own for a lifetime!


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