About Awaken Your Inner Golfer

Awaken Your Inner Golfer is a golf book that builds on the premise that once you establish an effective golf grip and an effective golf stance and posture you can then access your body/mind’s instinctive kinesthetic intelligence to develop a golf swing you can own for a lifetime. The book includes simple explanations and illustrations to establish these necessary foundations of grip and posture. The kinesthetic intelligence of the body/mind that exists within each golfer is awakened through exploration of a variety of instinct-awakening golf exercises (not golf drills) with variations in grip, stance, swing, use of subtle senses, and imagination. They will help to stimulate your innate adaptability and instincts.

The golf book is designed to fit in your pocket so when you go to the golf range or practice area you can fold it open to refer to any of the foundational illustrations or golf exercises. There will also be follow-up Awaken Your Inner Golfer Exercises books with an even greater variety of instinct-awakening golf exercises so you can continue to awaken and build your kinesthetic instincts. May you find joy in the fun, play, exploration, and self-discovery……and satisfaction from learning how to play golf from your instincts!

Core Concepts of Keep It Simple Golf and
Awaken Your Inner Golfer

  • Establishing effective foundations of grip and posture that are necessary to awaken instinctive kinesthetic intelligence. An effective grip allows you to use your hands, wrists, and arms to hinge and rotate naturally as they are anatomically designed in order to leverage and swing the weight of the golf clubhead as it is designed.
  • A variety of instinct-awakening golf exercises (not golf drills) that allow you to learn through experience, trial and error, and exploration and discovery – the true way human beings learn physical motor skills – where there are no mistakes, only learning.
  • Research shows that learning through experience and self-discovery has a greater permanence in the body/mind than trying to follow golf instruction.
  • Allowing your mind to rest and your body to perform – accessing “the zone” and “finding your flow”.
  • “Letting go” of learned limitations, paralysis by analysis, and attempts at trying to control the movements of your golf swing with the conscious mind.
  • A holistic approach balancing and “syncing up” the body and the mind, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the left brain and the right brain, the mind’s intention and the body’s performance.
  • Experiencing golf as a mirror of life. The golf exercises present an opportunity to cultivate present moment awareness and allow it to flow into conscious awareness in daily living. Taking joy in the process of learning rather than striving and struggling for results.
  • A journey of self-discovery by tapping into the powers of mindfulness and meditative practice – holistic processes that are coming to the forefront in the evolving consciousness of this 21st century.


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