“This book is one of the finest explanations of the ‘power of the subconscious mind,’ and it not only applies to the game of golf but to virtually every aspect of our lives. The author is speaking of things like "instinctive kinesthetic intelligence," which, in my opinion, is critical information to incorporate for personal success. These understandings … Continue reading Cindy Skidmore

Cindy Skidmore

“Self-learning, especially the brain’s connection to the process of self-learning and development, should be taken into consideration by all instructors and students. It is a topic I have been interested in for a long time.” —Michael Hebron PGA Hall of Fame member, golf instruction consultant, and author of See and Feel the Inside Move the … Continue reading Michael Hebron

Michael Hebron

“Here’s an excellent example of what is needed in golf instruction today: a book based on the deeper principles of how a fluid golf swing is produced. It takes us back to understanding the source of a repeatable golf swing. Bravo to Jerry for a wonderful book that can help golfers everywhere improve and enjoy … Continue reading Steven Yellin

Steven Yellin

“In Awaken Your Inner Golfer, Jerry Brown has cracked the code and unlocked the mysteries of self-discovery by tapping into the powers of awakening instinct, mindfulness, and meditative practice.Jerry empowers you to become your own golf coach by leading you through a simple process of discovering your natural and instinctive golf swing. This may prove … Continue reading Kenneth Diehl, MPT, GCFP

Kenneth Diehl, MPT, GCFP

“Jerry Brown's book brings a breath of fresh air to the golf world. Research shows that when we "play" (rather than "work at") a sport, our brains and bodies are fully present and our game becomes effortless and optimal. Jerry gives us that permission to truly “play” golf, and the tools to relax, enjoy, and find our own … Continue reading Carla Hannaford, PhD

Carla Hannaford, PhD

“In Awaken Your Inner Golfer, Jerry Brown has returned a missing piece to golf: the fact that it’s a game! Through Jerry’s playful approach to practice, you can tap into your own kinesthetic intelligence, which innately knows how to move your body. He guides you through a shift of focus, from self-critical mental analysis to a more … Continue reading Kathy Brown, MEd

Kathy Brown, MEd

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