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“This book is one of the finest explanations of the ‘power of the subconscious mind,’ and it not only applies to the game of golf but to virtually every aspect of our lives. The author is speaking of things like “instinctive kinesthetic intelligence,” which, in my opinion, is critical information to incorporate for personal success.  (more…)

Cindy Skidmore

“Here’s an excellent example of what is needed in golf instruction today: a book based on the deeper principles of how a fluid golf swing is produced. It takes us back to understanding the source of a repeatable golf swing. (more…)

Steven Yellin

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MBR: Small Press Bookwatch, September 2018

The Sports Shelf Awaken Your Inner Golfer Jerry Brown Keep It Simple Golf Media http://www.keepitsimplegolf.com 9780998771908 $15.00 / $8.00 Kindle amazon.com Synopsis: Jerry Brown has been a student of the game of golf for over fifty years and has studied how we naturally learn physical motor skills effectively. Awaken Your Inner Golfer facilitates self-discovery for … Continue reading MBR: Small Press Bookwatch, September 2018

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