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“This book is one of the finest explanations of the ‘power of the subconscious mind,’ and it not only applies to the game of golf but to virtually every aspect of our lives. The author is speaking of things like “instinctive kinesthetic intelligence,” which, in my opinion, is critical information to incorporate for personal success.  (more…)

Cindy Skidmore

“Here’s an excellent example of what is needed in golf instruction today: a book based on the deeper principles of how a fluid golf swing is produced. It takes us back to understanding the source of a repeatable golf swing. (more…)

Steven Yellin

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For Women Golfers

Women’sGolf.com has posted this article by Jerry. Women have an innate ability to excel in activities and sports requiring coordination and grace as evidenced in swimming, skiing, skating, gymnastics, dancing, and yoga. As far as golf is concerned, has this innate gift been stifled by traditional golf instruction and the mindset of “trying to do … Continue reading For Women Golfers


“Wu-wei” (pronounced ooo-way) is a concept developed by philosophers in early China of the Confucian and Daoist (or Taoist) schools of thought. Wu-wei literally  translates as “not trying, “non-doing’, or “non-action.” The practice of wu-wei is a fundamental tenet in Chinese thought and is a central concept in Chinese martial arts. Wu-wei cannot be actively … Continue reading Wu-Wei

Divot Digging

Do you ‘dig deeply’ or ‘tread softly’? Of course, I’m referring to golf swing basics and your golf swing. Do you ‘dig a hole’ or ‘sweep the turf’? A traditional paradigm in establishing a proper golf swing is that you must take a large divot from the ground under and past the golf ball in … Continue reading Divot Digging

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