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“This book is one of the finest explanations of the ‘power of the subconscious mind,’ and it not only applies to the game of golf but to virtually every aspect of our lives. The author is speaking of things like “instinctive kinesthetic intelligence,” which, in my opinion, is critical information to incorporate for personal success.  (more…)

Cindy Skidmore

“Here’s an excellent example of what is needed in golf instruction today: a book based on the deeper principles of how a fluid golf swing is produced. It takes us back to understanding the source of a repeatable golf swing. (more…)

Steven Yellin

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Learning to Golf by Awakening Instinct

No mechanical golf swing tips here, but you can learn how to improve your golf game just through awareness. Thought patterns influence physical patterns. Thought patterns are acquired, therefore, they can be changed. Attention and awareness are tools that enable change. We have to know where we are before we know where we want to … Continue reading Learning to Golf by Awakening Instinct

Learning to Golf is Like Learning to Walk

Far-fetched? Maybe not so much! As a little child crawling close to the ground on hands and knees, we noticed all these other big “peoples” standing and moving on just those two things (we eventually learned were called “feet”). These “peoples” seemed so tall with that thing (we eventually learned was called “head”) reaching up … Continue reading Learning to Golf is Like Learning to Walk

When You ‘Lose’ Your Swing

“When you lose your swing, just come back.” This is my golf koan.  From the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, a koanis “A puzzling, often paradoxical statement, anecdote, question, or verbal exchange used in Zen Buddhism as an aid to meditation and a means of gaining spiritual awakening.”   The actual Eastern koanis … Continue reading When You ‘Lose’ Your Swing

Some Opinions… Some Questions… and Some Quotes

These are just some of my opinions and questions stimulated by my experiences. You can agree or disagree with these opinions and questions. It might be a good exercise to reflect on your own opinions and experiences. The golf swing is under-learned despite being over-taught. The golf swing is over-taught and made unnecessarily complicated by … Continue reading Some Opinions… Some Questions… and Some Quotes

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