Golf Exercises vs. Golf Drills

Is it just a matter of semantics? What’s the difference between golf exercises and golf drills? Are they just different methods of learning? Is one method more effective than the other? Let’s examine golf exercises vs. golf drills. If you’ve followed some of my Instinctive Golf blog posts you probably realize that I often question … Continue reading Golf Exercises vs. Golf Drills

Questioning Traditional Golf Instruction

I recently read a golf book called The Three Principles of Outstanding Golf  by PGA professional Sam Jarman. From the title, one might assume that the book is about golf swing mechanics, the technical aspects of a proper golf swing, and maybe the three key positions you must have for a correct golf swing. Far … Continue reading Questioning Traditional Golf Instruction

Golf Practice and Play

What is ‘play?’ Play is learning, play is movement, we learn when we move. Play is exploring and investigating our personal environment without any preconceived ideas or expectations. Play gives the extraordinary an opportunity to show up. Play is a wonderful way……to express your Soul. Play is a wonderful way……to answer that Inner Call. That … Continue reading Golf Practice and Play