The Meditative Nature of the Golf Exercises

For your meditative experience You can walk out in nature…… You can sit on a cushion and try to empty your mind OR You can use the tool of a golf club as inquiry To see what you might find! Meditation is simply a method or modality that encourages a consciousness beyond our thinking analytical … Continue reading The Meditative Nature of the Golf Exercises

The Feel of Pure Impact

Would you like to know the “Ultimate Golf Secret” – that is actually no secret?! The ultimate “golf swing secret”, “swing thought”, “swing key”, “the one thing”, “the missing link”, “the one essential” and “the one golf swing fundamental” necessary for consistent and effective golf swings and golf shots is the feel of pure impact. … Continue reading The Feel of Pure Impact

10 Alternative Golf Rules….For Your Golf Practice

Rule #1:  Have fun. Rule #2:  Release the mindset of effort and trying. Imitate the way of a child. Allow learning to happen naturally without effort. Rule #3:  If you find yourself addicted to seriosity in your golf practice……try curiosity. (See the 50 instinct-awakening golf exercises in Awaken Your Inner Golfer). Rule #4:  If you’ve … Continue reading 10 Alternative Golf Rules….For Your Golf Practice

Stealth Learning

Stealth learning….what is that?! Stealth learning is “learning under the radar.” It is learning when you don’t know you’re learning; it is learning that occurs when the primary purpose of the activity is not just learning; stealth learning occurs when you are not trying to learn. Stealth learning happens when you “open your mind….to see … Continue reading Stealth Learning