MBR: Small Press Bookwatch, September 2018

The Sports Shelf

Awaken Your Inner Golfer
Jerry Brown
Keep It Simple Golf Media
9780998771908 $15.00 / $8.00 Kindle amazon.com

Synopsis: Jerry Brown has been a student of the game of golf for over fifty years and has studied how we naturally learn physical motor skills effectively. Awaken Your Inner Golfer facilitates self-discovery for the feel of a golf swing that works for each individual golfer’s unique physiology through the playful exploration of forty unique instinct-awakening golf exercises.

The exercises facilitate an awakening of the uniquely instinctive kinesthetic intelligence within each golfer, and can help you improve both your short game and your long game. The golf exercises present an opportunity to learn the physical motor skill of an effective golf swing through trial and error and exploration and discovery in a safe environment where so-called mistakes are experienced only in the context of learning. This learning process of self-discovery tends to have a greater permanence in the body/mind than trying to learn through instruction and mechanics, and is the same process a child instinctively uses to learn any physical motor skill.


via MBR: Small Press Bookwatch, September 2018

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