Golf exercises and learning

Could the traditional methods of learning and improving one’s golf game through a how-to instruction model change to a guided “self-discovery learning process?” It would only happen one golfer at a time. Awaken Your Inner Golfer offers a vehicle for that possibility.

Traditional golf instruction tries to teach us something (a physical motor skill) that can only be learned. In searching for a “correct golf swing” we often lose touch with the originality and uniqueness of our own golf swing. Golf lessons, golf swing tips, and golf instruction videos are external to us and mostly stimulate our analytical thinking mind. The motor skills of a golf swing are learned internally through our physical experience – through trial and error and exploration and discovery.

The most effective way to learn physical skills is through play. To quote Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research.” The nature of the instinct-awakening golf exercises found in Awaken Your Inner Golfer is to help you learn through fun and play by exploring variations in grip, swing, stance, and stimulating subtle senses and imagination without attachment to technique or results. They open you to possibilities and to learning.

Play and fun are great motivators for learning. When an activity (such as the golf exercises) is interesting, fun, offers a variety of stimulation and challenge and the joy of self-discovery, effective and permanent learning will likely take place.

The following is an example of a simple and playful instinct-awakening golf exercise found in the book. “Visualize hitting a shot over and between a football goal post. As soon as possible after impact, drop the golf club to the ground and raise both hands to make the referee’s successful field goal signal.” Try it, you may be surprised.

There is no more powerful mechanism to learn the physical skill of a golf swing than awakening instinct through play. The ‘keep it simple golf’ approach of learning through instinct-awakening golf exercises allows the analytical mind to rest and the instinctive kinesthetic intelligence of the body to manifest its magnificence in performing the motor skill of a golf swing. The golf exercises are intended to help you learn to trust this instinctive intelligence.

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