Let the Universe Play Through

Yes, a bit of “Zen”! Are you present, mindful, curious, and aware in your journey through life and in your expedition in learning how to play your best golf? If not, your ‘pace of play’ may be ‘holding up the Universe on every hole’. The Universe will always be waiting if you have a tendency for complaining! Are you present, mindful, and aware of the gift of being able to play golf? Have you gratitude for being able to walk, move, or swing a golf club? If not, the Universe is waiting to play through.

The word “Zen” has its origin in Eastern Buddhist philosophy and has become a way of being, an attitude, a belief, a mindset, a way of vigilance and self-discovery. It is sometimes characterized as “mindful presence.” Now, relating to golf, are you aware of your ‘state of mind’ playing golf? Are you present to the experience or are you a slave to old thinking patterns playing out in your mind?

Are you thinking, analyzing, and trying to control your golf swing and the results playing golf, or are you going the way of “wu-wei” – “going with the flow?” (See the Instinctive Golf Blog Wu-wei on this site).  Some call the ceaseless thinking “mind chatter” and some think it’s just “being smarter.” But, does knowledge and information produce a proper golf swing, your best golf swing, or an effective golf swing, or does curiosity, exploration, and the experience of self-discovery help you awaken wisdom, intuition, and instinct?

Information and knowledge can be food for the brain, but it can leave the mind and the soul malnourished. Awaken Your Inner Golfer takes a holistic approach to balancing instinct and information, the body and the mind, the conscious and the unconscious, and the mind and the soul. So, what is the simplest way to nourish one’s mind and one’s soul? Albert Einstein philosophized, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile Universe.”

Maybe Zen is the way! It’s a way of being, an attitude, a belief, a mindset, a way of vigilance and self-discovery. We can continue with struggle, effort, and keep trying harder……or we can ‘let go’ and learn to trust the wisdom and guidance of the Universe. If one has been subject to any sort of mind-chattering habit such as complaining, criticizing, or self-reproach, and it has become an obstacle in how to play golf with an attitude of gratitude, awareness, and mindful presence, let the Universe play through……YOU!

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