Golf Practice and Play

What is ‘play?’ Play is learning, play is movement, we learn when we move. Play is exploring and investigating our personal environment without any preconceived ideas or expectations. Play gives the extraordinary an opportunity to show up.

Play is a wonderful way……to express your Soul.
Play is a wonderful way……to answer that Inner Call.

That ‘inner call’ is your Soul yearning to express the extraordinary beyond your conditioned conscious limitations. Can you recall moments of play as a child? Did you put any conscious limits on yourself when you played ball, tag, hide-and-seek, or rode your bicycle? Did you play to get results or did you play for play’s sake? Were you trying to control the outcome with your mind or were you expressing yourself through movement with your body……to venture into the ‘unknown’ to see what you might discover?!

In his book Play, Stuart Brown, M.D. states, “Play creates a low risk format for finding and developing innate skills and talents.” We played games as a child in order to learn about ourselves and our environment. We explored for the sake of exploration. We tested reality in a safe environment where there were no mistakes, only learning. We tried on different masks, different behaviors, and different movements to see what fit us and what fit our social environment. If we were fortunate enough to play in a safe, supportive environment without judgment or criticism we likely developed a mindset of possibility. If we experienced negative judgment for not doing what was considered normal and just plain ordinary we likely developed self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

I would like you to question any perceived limitations and beliefs that may have filtered into your golf game and your golf swing. I would like you to open to possibilities. I would like you to let go of playing golf to achieve ideal golf swing technique or golf swing mechanics, or playing golf solely for the results. I encourage you to play the game and play at your golf practice to see what you might learn……about yourself, your golf game, your golf swing, and your personal environment. The good news is that you can achieve extraordinary results when you become aware of and actually let go of conditioned limitations or an overbearing desire for results, and open to play, fun, exploration and discovery. You can make golf practice your play and play your golf practice. You could practice for the sheer joy of seeing what might show up……perhaps the extraordinary!

Stuart Brown also describes one of the properties of play as “improvisational potential.” He states, “When we aren’t locked into rigid ways of doing things and are willing to include seemingly irrelevant elements into our play, the result is that we stumble upon new behaviors, thoughts, strategies, movements or ways of being.” When you practice your golf in a playful manner and don’t get locked into a rigid way of making an “ideal golf swing”, you may stumble upon new ways of movement and how to swing a golf club that are ideal for your unique physiology and instinctive movement.

I urge you to turn your golf practice into an adventure of play, fun, exploration and self-discovery……to see what might show up……perhaps the extraordinary?!?

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