Anti-slice Golf Exercises

Are you, or any of your fellow golfing friends, plagued by a slice and searching for answers to “fix that slice?” Might you, or your fellow golfers, be open to some non-standard golf swing solutions? Please read the entire article at the end of which I’ve included a few anti-slice golf exercises for those who are willing to entertain solutions beyond what conventional golf instruction offers. Even if you don’t struggle with a slice, the exercises will help you learn to feel and reproduce solid impact. Please feel free to share the article or the exercises with any of your golfing friends.

Conventional golf instruction normally tries to “fix a slice” by offering information about the golf swing mechanics that cause a slice such as swing path and clubface angle at impact, and what we should be doing in our golf swing. We’re instructed in the correct golf swing mechanics and golf swing positions and what our body and the clubface should be doing in order to correct a slice. The problem with this is that muscles do not understand words and our body does not learn through the intellect. It can sometimes be helpful to understand the golf swing mechanics that cause a slice, but it’s not a visceral solution that can be readily embodied.

The approach that I take for changing a slice is using non-standard instinct-awakening golf exercises, similar to those found in Awaken your Inner Golfer, to facilitate learning through the body’s kinesthetic senses in order to feel a golf swing that produces a straight and solid golf shot, or even a draw. By practicing golf exercises that stimulate your innate adaptability to produce pure impact and solid golf shots you will learn to trust in the feel of those golf swings. Then all you must do is have the intention to reproduce that feel of pure impact in your body and the intelligence of your body/mind will replicate the necessary golf swing mechanics. This is how the body/mind functions and learns a physical motor skill – through the intelligence of the neural/muscular kinesthetic system – through experience and through feel. It is something that cannot be adequately explained in words, but only through the actual physical experience.

This is where the conventional method of golf instruction is wholly inadequate in its model of providing words and information for the conscious thinking mind to try to instruct the body to perform specific golf swing mechanics. This often produces “paralysis by analysis.” Physical motor skills are not learned through the intellect but are performed effectively through the subconscious intelligence of the body/mind and must be physically experienced in order to be implemented and learned. I characterize this as learning by “exploring and discovering through experience, trial and error, and failure and success.”

Below are a few instinct-awakening golf exercises that will change your slice, and maybe even help you learn to hit a draw!

  1. Pre-shot activity
    • With a 9 iron or PW, have a slightly split grip w/ your left thumb wrapped on the right side of the grip and your right thumb wrapped on the left side of the grip and the grip ‘scissored’ between your right middle & index fingers. Make continuous small swings brushing the grass back & forth for as long as feels comfortable.
    • Starting w/ chip/pitch shots and working up to fuller shots, with your normal grip, hit the ball w/ a similar feel in your hands through impact.
  2. Swing – For long pitch shots and ½ swing full shots, feel your right arm finish across your chest on your follow-through, with your arm and the shaft of the golf club parallel to the ground and pointing to the left of the target.
  3. Subtle senses – Imagine there is a soft wall about 1 ft. behind your heels. Hit long pitch shots and ½ swing full shots w/ the only focus of putting a dent in the imaginary wall w/ the toe end of the clubhead on your follow-through.

These exercises are designed to help you learn through the feel of the physical experience of a golf swing that produces a straight golf shot, or even a draw, rather than through words of instruction. Experience and imagination are our best teachers. The best way to explore these exercises is – just to see what shows up – without trying to accomplish anything. As Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” When you ‘let go’ of pre-conceived notions and motions……you give the magical an opportunity to show up!

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