Musings, Ponderings & Reflections… for your Golf Game


Have you ever observed your handwriting with curiosity and awareness? Have you ever just focused on what your handwriting feels like? Have you ever experimented and noticed the difference of what it feels like if you TRY to make your script “look good” and “mechanically correct” versus when you just established a SUBTLE INTENTION and just let your writing flow? It’s almost an experience of conscious indifference, but the result will speak for itself.

Try it. Trust it…..Feel it.
Your writing and your golf swing will flow
when there is no fear of mistakes.
Fear is a concept of the mind.
The act of sensing stops us from thinking.
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Trying brings us up in our conscious thinking mind. It can take us out of the present moment. It stifles learning. Trying reinforces our limitations. Allowing opens us to possibility.

If we have an open mind, a quiet mind and a “Beginner’s Mind,” when we move our body we will learn……we have no choice, it’s how Nature designed us.


Let go of control
And open to play
As a child you knew
It was the only way

Play allows us to fine-tune our motor skills.

Learning something new provides satisfaction for the soul.

There is more to learn from playing the game than golf itself.
The number of strokes I take stays on the scorecard, 
but what I learn stays with me and can be used to benefit my life.
W. Timothy Gallwey
The Inner Game of Golf

Play….have fun….explore….and discover!

We are saturated with information, but starving for knowledge.

We learn effectively only through experience.

Knowledge is experience. Everything else is just information.
Albert Einstein

We hear and we forget. We see and we remember. We do and we learn.
Old Chinese Proverb


Curiosity excites and motivates. Curiosity is the antidote to blame and judgment. Curiosity cultivates imagination. Rigid thinking stifles imagination. Sometimes imagination can be trained right out of us. Imagination opens the door to possibility.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
Albert Einstein

Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein


Simplicity unlocks the mystery.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo DaVinci

The simple is difficult to present
in a world enamored of complexity.
David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D.

The definition of genius is taking the complex 
and making it simple.
Albert Einstein

There is mounting evidence that variation and adaptation is much more valuable than repetition and imitation in developing an effective and reliable golf swing

We don’t want a consistently repeatable golf swing. 
We want a consistently adaptable golf swing.

The trouble with the purely rational, technique-oriented approach (to golf)
is that it has made people focus compulsively and exclusively
on score and performance, 
and they have often lost the whole deeper joy of the game.
Michael Murphy and Rhea A. White
In the Zone: Transcendent Experience in Sports


Why would you want to “take your hands out of your golf swing” or “take your hands out of your putting stroke” as traditional golf instruction often advocates? Your hands are self-educated. They learn through experience. Your hands are the nerve center of your golf swing or putting stroke. The feel in your hands gets communicated to your brain through your neural/muscular system. Your hands convey to the brain both the feel of pure impact and the feel of the clunkers. Your brain chooses what feels good and then transmits that through the neural/muscular system so it can produce the specific mechanics to achieve that feel. It’s called LEARNING – learning through experience!

If you allow your body/mind to express its natural intelligence through your hands, you may not need any golf instruction. Our instinct and intuition is often educated out of us. You’ve heard of “hand-eye coordination” – why would you want to limit refinement of this valuable function by “taking your hands out of your swing or your stroke?!?”

When we “take our hands out” we lose sensitivity to the tool of the golf club or putter. We compromise our instinctive kinesthetic intelligence. Allowing the natural sensory intelligence of our body/mind to flow through our hands is a key to long-term learning of any motor skill such as a golf swing. Again, it’s called learning through experience!

Feel it.
Own it.
Know it!

Methods and theories come and go. Instinct sustains itself.


Get in touch
With your feeling sense
Because there resides
True intelligence

Developed through experience
As a young child
Your feeling sense is where
Experience is filed

Touch and feel
Sensory stimulation
Is how we learn
To carry out our intentions

Trial and experiment
Get feedback from your outcomes
Revive your neural pathways
Re-discover play and fun

Your body/mind messages
Will unite with ease and flow
So free in its function
That you will surely know

For touch and feel
Your senses are key
It quiets your mind
So you can see

How you learn
Is through play and fun
It allows your body
To move with freedom

Touch and feel
Play and fun……
Now, don’t tell me
You’re having none!!!

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