Be in Your Body

I recently read a short description from a holistic golf coach about his recent experience watching a golf swing review on television by a well-known golf instructor. There were two professional golfers observing the process of the well-known instructor analyzing an average amateur golfer’s swing. The golf instructor shows and tells what the amateur is “doing wrong” and proceeds to make recommendations for the correct golf swing positions, golf swing mechanics and the correct way to swing a golf club. The golf pro observing the process on the telecast then says, “I’d be in traction if I tried to do what he’s telling us we should be doing!”

This short story reveals a lot about the state of the golf instruction industry. Many golf instructors are steeped in “the mechanically perfect golf swing,” the correct “positions” of the golf club, the correct sequence of movements, and the “right way” to swing a golf club. These are primarily based on “technological research” of how the best touring professionals swing a golf club. I’m sure that you intuitively recognize that the average golfer does not have the physical body, strength, flexibility and years of experience that a touring professional has. They play golf competitively for a livelihood and are some of the premier world-class athletes. For the most part, the golf instruction industry has been blinded by technology and enamored with the mechanically near-perfect golf swings of touring pros.

So, here’s my best and simplest advice for an effective golf swing for you: 

“Be in your body.” One swing does not fit all. Explore, discover, sense, feel, listen, observe, experiment, learn, adapt, and trust the intelligence of your body/mind to show you/tell you the golf swing that works for you and what golf swing does not work for you. Utilizing playful and fun golf exercises without a fixation on results is one of the best (and easiest) ways to learn, improve and find the golf swing that works for your unique body. Have no trying to do anything “right,” and have no trying to achieve a “repeatable golf swing.” It is a very effective way to discover your innate and instinctive golf swing. Trying invites your conscious mind’s interference. Play stimulates your imagination.

Here are some quotes by Dr. Stuart Brown from his book, PLAY:

  • Play creates a low-risk format for finding and developing innate skills and talents….We are designed by nature and evolution to continue playing throughout life.
  • Movement play lights up the brain and fosters learning, innovation, flexibility, adaptability, and resilience.
  • Play is all about trying on new behaviors and thoughts; it frees us from established patterns.
  • Imagination is perhaps the most powerful human ability.
  • Play is the essence of freedom.

Here are some quotes by Anat Baniel from her book, Move Into Life:

  • Movement coupled with attention to the sensations, feelings, and outcomes that result serves as a rich source of new information to the brain. 
  • Awareness means that you are in the here and now, living in the present. Awarenss is a skill that we need to grow and evolve throughout life if we are to enjoy freedom and true choice.
  • Vitality and health are fostered by adapting a free, flexible, playful attitude toward goals, embracing mistakes, and making room for miracles.
  • When we bring attention to our movement, research shows that the brain resumes growing new connections and creating new pathways and possibilities for us. And that is when we feel most vital.

So, here is my absolute simplest advice for developing effective movement for an effective golf swing:

Be in your body. With awareness, initiate movement from your core……and then just allow your body to instinctively respond to the movement. Keep it simple!!! You may be pleasantly surprised by your body’s instinctive intelligence!

One thought on “Be in Your Body

  1. Thanks, Jerry. Had this discussion with a fellow player on the golf course yesterday. Instructions by pros aren’t “One size fits all.” This especially true for those of us who have played for decades. I love being in the flow and call it “swinging with reckless abandon!”


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