The Feel of Pure Impact

Would you like to know the “Ultimate Golf Secret” – that is actually no secret?! The ultimate “golf swing secret”, “swing thought”, “swing key”, “the one thing”, “the missing link”, “the one essential” and “the one golf swing fundamental” necessary for consistent and effective golf swings and golf shots is the feel of pure impact. The mechanics of your golf swing are unimportant if you can feel the feel of pure impact because the feel of pure impact is intimately related to having effective golf swing mechanics which produces effective golf shots. For example, I suggest visualizing the variety of professionals’ golf swings today and in the past that produce pure impact and very consistent and effective golf shots with a variety of golf swing mechanics – golf swings such as Matthew Wolff, Bubba Watson, Jim Furyk, John Daly, Lee Trevino, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Arnold Palmer, Miller Barber, Eamonn Darcy, Hosung Choi and James Bruen. I suggest going to You Tube and searching for any of these golf swings, especially Hosung Choi and James Bruen. See what you can learn from the variety of these golf swings.

The mechanics of your golf swing don’t matter if you can acquire, achieve and repeat the feel of pure impact. In fact, there is NO “mechanically ideal golf swing.” Just like your fingerprint, the golf swing that works for your physicality is different than any other. Your unique body/mind is an intelligent – no, miraculous -natural design that serves you for survival, growth and evolution. Our body/mind is our primary source of growth as a human being. We experience……and we learn. (See the Instinctive Golf Blogs of Jan. 2021 Learning and the Brain and May 2021 Teaching vs. Learning on this site).

By experimenting and exploring different movements and golf swings you will provide the data for the intelligence of your body/mind to process and discern the differences between movements and swings that produce the feel of pure impact in your golf swing and movements and swings that do not. It takes a bit – no, a lot – of letting go of your mind’s need to control. It requires trust in the intelligence of your body/mind. It can take patience to learn to let go of the effort for mechanical perfection in exchange for experiencing a variety of golf swings to learn from.

Another “golf swing secret”……that’s no secret:

Let it go……to let it flow!

Let go of your mind’s attempt to control. I challenge you to let go of all effort to produce specific golf swing mechanics in your golf practice, and allow the intelligence of your body/mind……to shine! Start with chip/pitch and half-swing shots in your practice. Eventually, maybe try a Happy Gilmore golf swing – on a small scale at first with awareness of your physical capabilities. When I viewed a couple of the short videos of the Happy Gilmore golf swing on You Tube, what I came away with was Free, Fluid and Flowing! Isn’t that how we’d like to describe our golf swing?!

Have some fun; experiment, explore and discover what your body/mind is capable of……beyond trying to follow instructions to reproduce a mechanically correct model golf swing. Again, there is NO mechanically ideal golf swing for all. Your swing is within you, and the key to unlock the secret is to invite awareness to feel the feel of pure impact, and allow the instinctive intelligence of your body/mind to create the mechanics to consistently repeat that feel.

Step out of the straight jacket and body cast of attempted repetition of mechanical instruction. Practice feeling the feel of pure impact with awareness. Discover your golf swing and your potential!

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