The ‘keep it simple golf’ approach to improvement is rather simple, but it may not seem “easy” at first. The process may seem “difficult” because of our tendency to rely on our conscious thinking mind in so many of our activities, and to make the shift to trusting in our subconscious kinesthetic instincts to perform the motor skills of our golf swing. The ‘keep it simple golf’ approach offers tools by way of playful golf exercises (not drills) to gradually make that shift so your golf game can become instinctive, fun, and effective.

For the most part, we are trained to use our conscious mind in everyday affairs analyzing, judging, and making choices. However, our conscious mind does not control the motor movements of our body, and therefore cannot control our golf swing. It is our subconscious body/mind and our kinesthetic instincts that need to be awakened to perform the motor skills of our golf swing. Again, it is a simple concept, but it may not be easy to let go of our mind’s tendency to interfere and control, and to make the shift to trusting the instinctive kinesthetic intelligence of our subconscious body/mind.

The shift to trusting in our subconscious instincts without conscious control may not seem logical at first. Of course it’s not logical, it’s instinctive! It’s just that our logic has overshadowed our instincts. With practice, the process can become instinctive again. Reflecting on how we learned all our physical skills as a child may help us get beyond logic to understand instinct. We did not learn physical motor skills by imposing positions and mechanics, we learned through trial and error and exploration and discovery – and an implicit trust in that process.

The ‘keep it simple golf’ instinct-awakening exercises found in Awaken Your Inner Golfer are designed to help you learn to trust your instinctive kinesthetic intelligence. The variety and uniqueness of the golf exercises that stimulate the subtle senses of your body are such that they require your attentive bodily awareness – the same process we used to learn physical skills as a child. This awareness is conducive to a quiet mind and an awakened body to allow your subconscious motor skills to perform your golf swing. Trust the process of exploration and discovery – the same as we did as a kid!

There is a similarity between the practices of yoga, meditation, and martial arts and the practice of exploring the golf exercises that facilitate a “going deeper” – with awareness of an increasingly quiet mind and an increasingly awakened body. The purposes of these “practices” is not to get somewhere or accomplish anything but to BE somewhere – present to yourself, the exercise, and the experience – and allow performance to unfold. When we are capable of letting go of results and trust in the process with present moment awareness, extraordinary results have an opportunity to come forth. Some say it’s like magic. But, it’s not magic, just instinct! Through the regular practice of exploring the golf exercises you will learn to trust in the amazingly effective instinctive kinesthetic intelligence of your subconscious body/mind to perform the motor skills of a golf swing automatically, instinctively, and effectively.

Trust can be learned through a purposeful practice.

Practice Precipitates Potential.

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