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Musings, Ponderings & Reflections… for your Golf Game

AWARENESS Have you ever observed your handwriting with curiosity and awareness? Have you ever just focused on what your handwriting feels like? Have you ever experimented and noticed the difference of what it feels like if you TRY to make your script “look good” and “mechanically correct” versus when you just established a SUBTLE INTENTION … Continue reading Musings, Ponderings & Reflections… for your Golf Game

The Culture of Golfers

Many golfers seem to have an unconscious fear of ‘letting go’ and allow themselves the freedom to explore non-traditional methods of improving their golf game. There can be a resistance and fear of “losing my swing” if one tries anything different from the traditional technical and mechanical golf instruction advocated through instruction, media and magazines. … Continue reading The Culture of Golfers

The Art of Play and Learning

If you have any sort of golf practice routine I would like you to reflect on a few questions. Do you have a results-oriented golf practice? Or do you have a playful, curiosity-based, trial and error, exploration-related golf practice? One of these attitudes and orientations usually dominates a golf practice. Which do you think might … Continue reading The Art of Play and Learning

Golf Practice, Play… and Learning

Your most productive golf practice will come from having an attitude of “What can I learn?” Any other mindset is setting you up for frustration. Golf is a game that is imperfectable. It’s part of the lure of playing this game. The purpose of any game is to learn – about ourselves, our body/mind connection, … Continue reading Golf Practice, Play… and Learning


The concept of flow is a central theme in the Awaken Your Inner Golfer book. Cultivating flow is an effective path toward learning, improving and optimizing performance of any motor skill. From helping golfers understand the concept of kinesthetic intelligence (body smarts), to releasing fears and conditioned limitations, to guidelines and exercises for implementing an … Continue reading FLOW

Questions for Reflection

I would like to present some questions for you to ponder for your golf game and your golf life. There are no “right or wrong” answers, just “food for thought.” Are performance and enjoyment mutually exclusive, or mutually inclusive? Does ‘good’ performance bring you joy, or does a joyful and relaxed attitude bring you good … Continue reading Questions for Reflection