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Be in Your Body

I recently read a short description from a holistic golf coach about his recent experience watching a golf swing review on television by a well-known golf instructor. There were two professional golfers observing the process of the well-known instructor analyzing an average amateur golfer’s swing. The golf instructor shows and tells what the amateur is … Continue reading Be in Your Body

Musings, Ponderings & Reflections… for your Golf Game

AWARENESS Have you ever observed your handwriting with curiosity and awareness? Have you ever just focused on what your handwriting feels like? Have you ever experimented and noticed the difference of what it feels like if you TRY to make your script “look good” and “mechanically correct” versus when you just established a SUBTLE INTENTION … Continue reading Musings, Ponderings & Reflections… for your Golf Game

The Culture of Golfers

Many golfers seem to have an unconscious fear of ‘letting go’ and allow themselves the freedom to explore non-traditional methods of improving their golf game. There can be a resistance and fear of “losing my swing” if one tries anything different from the traditional technical and mechanical golf instruction advocated through instruction, media and magazines. … Continue reading The Culture of Golfers