Trusting Your Intention

If Socrates was a golfer, I imagine that he might have some comments and questions:

  • Have you hit any solid golf shots in your golfing past?
  • Did you enjoy the sensory feeling of that pure impact?
  • Do you believe that the intelligence of your body can recall that sensory feeling of pure impact?
  • Did you know that “muscle memory” does not break down or disappear?
  • Are you mentally oriented in your golf game and golf swing, or are you bodily oriented? Which do you think might be more effective in performing a motor skill such as a golf swing?
  • Do you believe that there is a connection between your intention and your bodily instincts?
  • Do you allow mental interference to disrupt the connection of your intention and your bodily instincts?
  • Do you think that your conscious mind can direct the motor movements of your body?
  • From where is intention generated? Is it from a busy, analytical mind….or does it come from a calm, quiet and trusting mind?
  • Is it possible for you to Trust Your Intention to allow your body to perform the motor movements necessary for an effective golf swing??
  • Are you aware of the many other motor skills that your body/mind accomplishes automatically every day, every hour, and every minute of your life?!? How many of these activities do you consciously try to control and perform?
  • Can you take the “risk” of trusting your body to fulfill your intention of performing an effective and flowing golf swing?!? Is there a downside to taking this “risk?!?”
  • Do you think it’s possible to play golf with a sense of freedom?

Freedom……comes from an absence of trying.
Freedom comes from a lack of mental interference.

Muscle memory does not disappear!!

Well, thanks Soc. I’ll take your comments and questions into consideration. I may need to read them more than once to fully understand the true impact of the simplicity of your words!

2 thoughts on “Trusting Your Intention

  1. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry…….

    Oh that it should be as easy as you make it sound. I love it.
    Disavowing the “try” aspect and handing it over to the “allow” aspect just seems to go against human nature.
    Keep up the good work and see if you can find ways to blend your notions of simplicity into the framework of performance at the higher levels. We all experience ease and simple freedom on the range. But when it comes to the bewildering complexity we experience during a particularly competitive round on the golf course, that’s where we we run into trouble.
    Somewhere in that continuum is a blend….
    For me, it’s about repetition of basics to the point where we repeat them so often that our confidence in them knows no bounds. We don’t have to think too much. We can develop muscle (and brain) memory through doing the same things over and over again to the point where our confidence becomes habitual. Nirvana!

    Thanks for sharing your columns.



  2. I would only echo Skips comments here. Jerry, you are making clear the “drill downs” to getting to “clarity” in the golf swing.
    It’s a process and we are all on this “ride”.
    I, for one, am game.


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