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 What’s your golf “mindset”?

I recently read the book Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. It’s not a golf book, but an excellent book about life skills. As a friend recently commented, “Well, golf is life!” We can utilize the life tools of growth and learning put forth in this book for both living our lives and improving our golf game. Golf and life can be excellent mirrors for each other.

The book is about the comparison of a “fixed mindset” and a “growth mindset”. In terms of golf, a fixed mindset person would be focused on results, the score, and the outcome. A fixed mindset perceives accomplishment as limited to one’s talent and ability and often avoids the risk of learning and growth for fear of failure. A fixed mindset person continually judges “mistakes” as intolerable because they hastily conclude they are not good enough. It can be a method for hiding from the risks of learning and growth. It is a mindset of limitation.

A growth mindset person focuses on “What can I learn and how can I grow” through whatever experience they are involved in – whether it be as a student, parent, in career, relationships, or coaching and playing sports. Keep It Simple Golf and the Awaken Your Inner Golfer book embrace a growth mindset by focusing on facilitating learning through golf exercises and the foundational illustrations of golf grip, golf stance, and golf posture. In the instinctive golf approach there are no mistakes, only learning. The focus is on letting go of limitations and awakening instinctive kinesthetic intelligence. The focus is on learning….what you already know.

Awaken Your Inner Golfer includes no golf swing tips, golf lessons, golf swing instructions, golf swing mechanics, or golf drills. The book includes a variety of instinct-awakening golf exercises as a vehicle for exploration and discovery of the innate kinesthetic intelligence inside each of us. The exercises can help you learn how to swing a golf club and learn the golf swing that is right for you. You can learn a proper golf swing and golf swing basics through trial and error, exploration and discovery, and by having a quiet and open mind….to see what you might find! 

The book is an effective tool to facilitate learning how to golf for beginners so they can bypass the frustration of trying to do it right, and it can help experienced golfers gain new insight. Welcome to the instinctive golf learning approach of exploration and discovery!

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