Learning to golf by awakening instinct

No mechanical golf swing tips here, but you can learn how to improve your golf game just through awareness. Thought patterns influence physical patterns. Thought patterns are acquired, therefore, they can be changed. Attention and awareness are tools that enable change. We have to know where we are before we know where we want to go.

Conventional golf instruction often encourages conscious thought in attempt at controlling our body to perform the mechanics of a so-called “ideal golf swing”. But, this thought process of control is not how our body/mind learns a physical skill. As a result we experience a lot of “failures” and “clunkers”. We can initiate change through a thought pattern fueled by intention to feel the satisfaction of pure impact. This will awaken our subconscious instinctive kinesthetic intelligence to develop a golf swing that allows us to consistently produce pure impact. Awareness of this process of change from conscious control to allowing subconscious performance helps us to build trust in our instinctive kinesthetic intelligence.

The self-awareness necessary to facilitate and recognize any change in our life can be cultivated through meditation and mindfulness (awareness). In its simplest, meditation is basically present moment awareness. In a sense, the instinct-awakening golf exercises found in Awaken Your Inner Golfer become a “back door” to a meditative experience. Their purpose is not to force you to meditate, empty your mind, fill your mind, study, or contemplate, but to experience present moment awareness through movement.

Each golf exercise invites a focus on a part of the body or the golf swing as a facilitating aspect of awakening instinct. Their purpose is not to fix your golf swing but to facilitate learning. When we tune into the present moment we adapt and we learn.

You can meditate via a walk out in nature, sitting on a cushion at home trying to empty your mind, or you can use the tool of a golf club as inquiry…… to see what you might find!

When your body and mind are in sync
Here’s the thing……
You’ll be awakening instinct
And you can own your swing!

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