The importance of an effective grip

Why is an effective grip, or hold of the golf club, so important in hitting a golf ball? The short answer is that an effective and reliable golf swing is built on the foundation of an effective and reliable grip. The golf club is a tool, and like any other tool it must be held in a manner that allows it to function as it is designed. A golf club is specifically designed to swing the weight of the clubhead in a rounded arc around the body through the effortless use of gravity and centrifugal force. An effective grip allows the leveraging of the weight of the clubhead to generate both touch and feel and power and consistency in the golf swing.

In order to swing and leverage the weight of the clubhead to hit the golf ball effectively and consistently the grip of the golf club must be leveraged in the fingers of both hands to allow the hands, wrists, and arm to hinge and rotate effortlessly as they are anatomically designed. There will be no struggle or compensations when the body is able to function naturally as it is designed – initiating a rotation and pivot of the torso and allowing the arms, wrists, and hands to instinctively respond and carry out the energy of that rotation to swing the golf club.

When this connection of torso-arms-hands-golf club operates efficiently it generates trust in the body’s ability to perform the motor movements involved in swinging the golf club effectively. This trust in the body’s intelligence helps quiet the mind’s tendency to interfere and give instructions to the body. The thinking mind does not control motor movements. It is the body’s responsibility through its innate kinesthetic intelligence to perform effective movement learned through experience, sensitivity, and feel. An effective grip is ultimately determined by the results, and specifically the feel of pure impact in achieving those results. The hands are the feedback mechanism for the intelligence of the body/mind flow.

I’m often bewildered at the lack of attention by conventional golf instruction on the importance of establishing the foundation of an effective grip, and instead primarily emphasizes the mechanics of the golf swing. When the tool of the golf club is held in a manner which allows it to function as it’s designed, instinctive kinesthetic intelligence is awakened to swing the golf club effortlessly and efficiently. Without an effective grip it’s just an invitation for struggle as the intelligence of the body/mind attempts all sorts of compensations.

Awaken Your Inner Golfer includes simple but explicit exercises and illustrations to feel and implement the foundation of an effective grip to build an instinctive and reliable golf swing. You can own your swing when you have a grip that allows natural instincts to effortlessly respond. An effective grip allows you to produce speed and power in your golf swing, and also generate touch, feel and consistency in your chip, pitch, or bunker play. The importance of this foundation cannot be underestimated in building trust in the flow and fluidity of the instinctive kinesthetic intelligence of your body/mind.

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