Stealth Learning

Stealth learning….what is that?! Stealth learning is “learning under the radar.” It is learning when you don’t know you’re learning; it is learning that occurs when the primary purpose of the activity is not just learning; stealth learning occurs when you are not trying to learn.

Stealth learning happens when you “open your mind….to see what you might find!” It happens when you have a “Beginners Mind (see the May 2020 Instinctive Golf Blog A Beginner’s Mind). When you have a beginner’s mind your mind becomes receptive to information and activity beyond the familiar, beyond what you currently know. Isn’t that what learning is all about?!?!

How does this apply to your golf swing and your golf game? The conscious mind is generally satisfied with what it already knows. That’s why we develop patterns and habits….some of which are unproductive. If we hit a few good golf shots with a certain swing thought or trying to accomplish specific mechanics in our golf swing, we’ll have a tendency to try to repeat that thought or those golf swing mechanics. Did you notice the word try in the previous sentence?! This is often where we get hooked into the habit of our conscious mind trying to control the mechanics of our golf swing. It’s where we end up disregarding and nullifying the natural intelligence of our body which Nature endowed us with. 

When there’s no focus on achieving learning, learning just happens. Curiosity fuels it. It happens through play, fun, exploration, discovery and instinctive adaptation. It happens through experience, curiosity and present moment awareness. Observe how any young child develops.  We could call it stealth learning….Oh, that’s what I did call it!! 

Allow learning to happen. Learning will happen with a subtle intention to be open to it….when you’re open to learning something new….stealthily! 

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