10 Alternative Golf Rules….For Your Golf Practice

Rule #1:  Have fun.

Rule #2:  Release the mindset of effort and trying. Imitate the way of a child. Allow learning to happen naturally without effort.

Rule #3:  If you find yourself addicted to seriosity in your golf practice……try curiosity. (See the 50 instinct-awakening golf exercises in Awaken Your Inner Golfer).

Rule #4:  If you’ve explored the golf exercises in the book and want to expand your curiosity, explore your own golf exercises, golf swings, movements and kinesthetic feels.

Rule #5:  Never be surprised at the depth of your innate kinesthetic intelligence to learn and improve by trial and error and exploration and discovery.

Rule #6:  Invite a friend who might benefit from the trial and error learning approach, and collaborate with unbounded creativity and fun.

Rule #7:  Repurpose your golf practice from improvement to having fun. Trust improvement will happen unconsciously.  Be open to learning something new rather than trying to achieve a repeatable, perfect golf swing (which is impossible anyway!).

Rule #8:  Establish the intention to be aware of the feel in your hands and your body with each golf shot.

Rule #9:  Always invite and embrace awareness and non-judgment in your golf practice. Allow yourself to hit some “clunkers” with the intention to learn from them. Allow yourself to hit some pure, perfect golf shots……with the intention of allowing your body to learn from the feel of pure impact. Never be surprised at how the joy and satisfaction of the feel of pure impact unconsciously teaches your body to repeat the golf swing mechanics to reproduce that feel. Be open to pure amazement of the intelligence of your body’s neural/muscular system to learn unconsciously.

Rule #10: If you’re not progressing in your golf practice the way you would like……refer back to Rule #1!

Bonus Rule #11: Remember the way of a child – play, have fun, explore……and allow self-discovery to just happen.

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