Trust Your Golf Instinct

The ‘keep it simple golf’ approach to improvement is rather simple, but it may not seem “easy” at first. The process may seem “difficult” because of our tendency to rely on our conscious thinking mind in so many of our activities, and to make the shift to trusting in our subconscious kinesthetic instincts to perform … Continue reading Trust Your Golf Instinct

Reflections on a “pre-shot routine”

Traditional golf instruction often tells us that we must have a “pre-shot routine” with a consistent series of physical movements in preparation for an effective and reliable golf swing. The intended purpose is to have a physical routine to minimize mental interference in performing the mechanics of our golf swing. Professional golfers have had hundreds … Continue reading Reflections on a “pre-shot routine”

Golf exercises and learning

Could the traditional methods of learning and improving one’s golf game through a how-to instruction model change to a guided “self-discovery learning process?” It would only happen one golfer at a time. Awaken Your Inner Golfer offers a vehicle for that possibility. Traditional golf instruction tries to teach us something (a physical motor skill) that … Continue reading Golf exercises and learning

Trying vs. allowing

Let’s explore trying versus allowing in developing an effective golf swing. First, let’s look at the words themselves. Try is defined as “to attempt, endeavor, to make an effort” with synonyms of “strive, wrangle, work, labor, and struggle for.” Allow is defined as “to permit, to acknowledge as valid” with synonyms of “permit, let, grant, … Continue reading Trying vs. allowing