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MBR: Small Press Bookwatch, September 2018

The Sports Shelf Awaken Your Inner Golfer Jerry Brown Keep It Simple Golf Media 9780998771908 $15.00 / $8.00 Kindle Synopsis: Jerry Brown has been a student of the game of golf for over fifty years and has studied how we naturally learn physical motor skills effectively. Awaken Your Inner Golfer facilitates self-discovery for … Continue reading MBR: Small Press Bookwatch, September 2018

The Double Pendulum Concept of a Golf Swing

This article is intended to bridge the gap between golf swing mechanics and playing golf through your instincts by understanding the importance of both an effective golf grip that allows your wrists to hinge and unhinge in your swing and the concept of a “double pendulum”. Having a general concept of the double pendulum mechanics … Continue reading The Double Pendulum Concept of a Golf Swing


“Wu-wei” (pronounced ooo-way) is a concept developed by philosophers in early China of the Confucian and Daoist (or Taoist) schools of thought. Wu-wei literally  translates as “not trying, “non-doing’, or “non-action.” The practice of wu-wei is a fundamental tenet in Chinese thought and is a central concept in Chinese martial arts. Wu-wei cannot be actively … Continue reading Wu-Wei

Trust Your Golf Instinct

The ‘keep it simple golf’ approach to improvement is rather simple, but it may not seem “easy” at first. The process may seem “difficult” because of our tendency to rely on our conscious thinking mind in so many of our activities, and to make the shift to trusting in our subconscious kinesthetic instincts to perform … Continue reading Trust Your Golf Instinct